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VASSALOTTI ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS, L.L.P.,  has vast experience and knowledge in navigating the complex regulations and requirements needed to secure approvals and permits in the City of New York, Long Island and Westchester.


Our knowledge of the filing, approval and permitting processes includes Zoning issues/ Variance/coordination with Attorneys, Building Department, Health Department, Fire Department, Department of Transportation and Environmental issues.


Our permitting experience ranges from new developments to interior alterations.


►        Permitting:


  • Building Code and Zoning Resolution Analysis

  • Building Department Work Permits

  • Interior Renovation Permits

  • Demolition Permits

  • Sign Permits

  • Planning Department Approvals

  • Zoning Board of Appeals Variance

  • Hearing Presentation

  • Fire Department filing/approval

  • Health Department

  • Highway and Transportation (DOT) Filing and Approval

  • Sidewalk Closing and Repair Permits

  • Department of Public Works (DPW)

  • Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Filing and Approval

  • Sewer Connection Filing and Approval

  • Grease Trap and RPZ Filing and Approval

  • Industrial Waste Filing and Approval

  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Filing and Approval

  • Construction Inspection and Sign-off


►        Compliance:


  • Violation Research and Dismissal

  • Permit Renewal and Close-out

  • Fire and Health Department Compliance

  • Environmental Control Board (ECB) Hearing and Violation Dismissal

  • Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Filing

  • Certificate of Compliance and Occupancy

  • Equipment Use Cards

  • Street Tree Coordination and Sign-off

  • Public Assembly (PA) Permits



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